Vicki Boutine Journal-

Craftelier (Spain)-

Prima Tag Pads seem to have been discontinued, but in the class I didn't even use it as a tag, so just replace with watercolor paper!

Some good watercolor journals-

Stillman & Birn alpha series-

Jane Davenport journals are nice, but seem to be harder to find. I wouldn't pay full price for them but if you can find them on sale they are good value.


Feel free to use any watercolor paint you have. Student grade or craft paint is great, no need to go out and buy expensive artist grade, although I do love using it.

My absolute favorite colors that I would never want to be without are these-

Naples yellow (Schmincke's is fantastic)

Indian Yellow/New Gamboge (I prefer my yellows very warm and on the orange side as opposed to lemon yellow)

A warm red like vermillion (current one in my palette is vermillion light by Schmincke)

DS Quinacridone Coral

DS Quinacridone Rose

Holbein Bright Rose

Winsor & Newton Cobalt Violet

Ultramarine Blue (or French Ultramarine)

Cobalt Turquoise

Cobalt Teal

Green Gold

Neutral tint

a dark bluish or neutral grey, I like Daniel Smith Sodalite Genuine

I buy my watercolors at Jackson's art supplies-

Blick's in the US is another great place with a wide range of brands-

My rainbow palette-


Paul Rubens- These are sadly no longer available on Amazon.

I recommend a #6 round brush (but you may find #4 or #8 more to your liking) here are some of my favorites (while the Paul Rubens brushes are animal hair, I only buy synthetic hair these days, for ethical reasons, you can make your own informed decision, of course!)-

Escoda has several lines of synthetic brushes that are amazing. Versatil and Ultimo are softer, Perla has more snap to it. I love all 3!

Ultimo #6 -

The whole range is beautiful-

Jackson's mop-


While I find artist grade watercolor paper to be crucial for certain purposes, it is not for this class. Feel free to use it if you enjoy it, but it is not essential here. The techniques are simple and we do not use a lot of loose watery washes and color, so student grade paper works fine.

Canson's watercolor or mixed media paper is a good alternative to what I used in the class and it is very affordable!


Stabilo all pencil-

Staedler Mars Lumograph- (there are several sets, this is the one that suited my preferences and it is great)


Platinum carbon pen-

Sailor Fude De Mannen-

Signo uniball broad white-

jelly roll #10-