For this course you will need the very basics of painting in watercolors.

Watercolors- Any paint you love and enjoy using and are familiar with is best. I recommend Artist grade paint. My favorite brands are Daniel Smith, Schmincke, Van Gogh, White Nights, Aquarius, Sennelier, Holbein and there are many more that are lovely as well.

Brush- Any brushes you have and love using. I prefer round mop or quills as they give me a variety of strokes and lines. Jackson's (online art supplies shop) have a wonderful range of watercolor brushes in great prices- their mop brushes are great (Raven is synthetic and they also have real squirrel ones)

Paper- I really enjoy working in a sketchbook, and that's part of the idea of the Watercolor Workbook classes, to fill a sketchbook, have fun and learn a little (or a lot) on the way! This is really important for the techniques shown in this course. Use artist grade, 100% cotton watercolor paper. You are setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration if you use cheap paper or paper not suitable for watercolors. I'm using a Khadi Sketchbook, they are handmade in India and are just lovely (sadly not vegan, so I'm using up my stash)-

We will be talking lots of color and color mixing, so having a nice large surface to mix helps. You don't need to buy anything, a white plate works great. A budget friendly option is laminated white cardstock.